Lack of Podcasts

• May 15th, 2007

I have sadly neglected this site.  My desktop computer has been down for a couple months and I haven't fixed it.  That's where all my podcast software is.  Oh well.  I'll get it working again eventually.  I've gotten a lot of hits, though.  So keep checkin' back, ok? :)

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South American Electronic Pop & Dance

• January 18th, 2007

Commentary & suggestions for South American Electro-Pop. In some cases, electro-clash is alive and well down there! ;)





That should get you started. :)

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Welcome to the Disco - podcast style

• January 12th, 2007

I've decided to call this podspot "Marilyn's Discotheque". I have a separate MySpace profile to keep track of all the bands I like. So I figure I'll connect the two. This'll be where I showcase and talk about the music I like. For the time being anyway. :)

I gotta say I really hate the layout choices for free/basic accounts. In order to customize the look you have to pay. :p I want it to look disco-like dammit! Meh.

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Hi there!

• January 10th, 2007

I'm new to this podcastin' thing. Give me time, I'll figure it out. LOL

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